IN 2018:


We are a small team of highly-creative, insanely-passionate and sometimes-fun CG artists and photographers specializing in making our clients' products look great.


The studio. TB&O was established in 1971–long before some of us were born. Embracing the latest technology and finding new ways to make compelling product photography is how we've kept kicking butt for so long.


Services: Rendering CGI from CAD models, animations, interactive web experiences, traditional digital photography, and post-production are what we do. Product on white, black, grey, green–really any color you want. Product in a contextual scene. Product being used in a lifestyle shot. Yes to all of those.


Scalable: We've mastered scalability which means that we are efficient shooting large numbers of SKUs for web and print catalogs. 2000 SKUs doesn't scare us. In fact, we get down right giddy when we hear a number like that. #scalabilly


The team: Mike James leads the team. A lifelong photographer, business leader, and now one of our most accomplished CG artists, Mike is the go-to guy for estimates and creative calls. Marvin Plummer is our in-house Art Director and an Art Center grad who cut his teeth as an art director for a major clothing company. When he's not ADing you can find him building CAD models. Freddy Medina is a super talented photographer. He's great with light on the set or working with a computer model. Recently he's become quite accomplished at UV unmapping.  Don't ask....


Others on the team hail from far and wide. Especially with CGI projects we often head to Detroit, Vancouver and Belgium to work with some incredibly talented artists who specialize in one aspect or another of a project.


Protecting your assets. TB&O knows how important it is to keep unannounced product unannounced. Leaky boats sink. We've put safe guards in place to ensure that your information is safe. We're happy to discuss these with you or your security team.


Clients include: Annie Glass, Applied Motion, Apple, Constellation Wines, Dakota Ultrasonics, Fox Racing, Giro, Google, G-Tech, Ibis Cycles, Intel, Martinelli's, Motorola Mobility, Newman's Own, Nordic Naturals, Odwalla, O'Neill, Restoration Hardware, RockShox, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, SoftIron, Specialized Bicycles, Universal Audio